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October 13, 2010

Save Darfur Coalition:

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Save Darfur Coalition:

If you had 90 days to prevent another Darfur, what would you do?

On January 9th, Southern Sudan will vote for its independence. The country is currently led by an indicted war criminal, Omar al-Bashir. Both north and south are preparing for war, leaving civilians at grave risk of major human rights violations.

                   Send a message to President Obama asking him to ACT now.

October 3, 2010

Operation Purple Squirrel

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Recently I joined a movement through social media to raise awareness about humantrafficking.

This movement is called: Operation Purple Squirrel. The mission: To raise awareness about humantrafficking, sextrafficking, childtrafficking. The woman behind this awesome! movement is San Diego, CA Abolitionist. Nikki Junker @morethanpurpose

This movement was a succcess! And it’s only the beginning. Many young people across the USA came together with Nikki and other Activists from the Flash mob for freedom walks, to support this project.

Here’s a short story about operation purple squirrel that was recently published: NPO uses “Operation PurpleSquirrel” to bring attention to Human Trafficking with SocialMedia & PR”

If you would like to know more or join this movement please read and follow the blog:

Follow the squirrel on Twitter: @OpPrpleSquirrel

And on facebook:

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