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September 27, 2010

The Body Shop STOP Petition

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September 21, 2010

Raising Awareness

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To me “BelieveInFreedom” means “Freedom” and having the freedom to live and love who you want. It means being “Free” It also means believing in Justice, believing in the ‘Dream” of freedom that so many victims of Human Trafficking, VAW, DV, and other injustices face today. Believing gives you freedom. We were all born with that freedom.
I blog about many things, most of my blogging is focused on Human Rights issues and VAW but i do have a special focus on Human Trafficking and that is what this blog will be more focused on because to me, there’s nothing worse than slavery, nothing worse than to live without freedom, without hope, without dreams, without LIFE. Human Trafficking is the darkest of all Human Rights injustices around the world and yet… many still choose to close their eyes and ignore the reality that is all around them. All to live and sleep without having to think that somewhere out there many are still in the shadows, in pain, in chains. They choose to pretend that 27 MILLION slaves only live in the pages of a book and not in the real world we all share. This is why many raise awareness, to open our minds, to open our eyes and do something to stop this sickness.

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