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October 5, 2010

Global Concerts 2012 / Simultaneous Concerts, 5 Continents, 1 Agenda.

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           GLOBAL AID CONCERTS 2012

                     5 Concerts, 5 Continents UNITED to combat Human Trafficking.

“There is only ONE agenda. The total freedom for victims of Human Trafficking and Child Trafficking.”

 Global Concerts 2012 is a project that was started by Steve Graham. @CEOofACT

Soon after that, many other Activists, Abolitionists, non profit Organizations, music bands, performers and many volunteers have joined/followed this project.

The mission of the concerts, is to raise awareness about human trafficking worldwide; raise money to support non profit Organizations that fight human trafficking and help support the victims and survivors of human trafficking.

The website for the Global Aid Concerts 2012 is now available but will be completed until Nov/Dec this year. (still under construction) Please bookmark this website to stay updated.

Global Concerts 2012 / Simultaneous Concerts, 5 Continents, 1 Agenda.

You can also follow the concerts on twitter (@GlobalConcert12)

If you use facebook, you can “like” the concerts page and join us to learn more about the concerts and how to get involved..

You can also follow the concerts blog on wordpress: And if you use Myspace you can join a group I just recently started to read updates and learn ways to raise awareness about human trafficking.


Global Concerts 2012 / Simultaneous Concerts, 5 Continents, 1 Agenda.

via Global Concerts 2012 / Simultaneous Concerts, 5 Continents, 1 Agenda..

October 3, 2010

Operation Purple Squirrel

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Recently I joined a movement through social media to raise awareness about humantrafficking.

This movement is called: Operation Purple Squirrel. The mission: To raise awareness about humantrafficking, sextrafficking, childtrafficking. The woman behind this awesome! movement is San Diego, CA Abolitionist. Nikki Junker @morethanpurpose

This movement was a succcess! And it’s only the beginning. Many young people across the USA came together with Nikki and other Activists from the Flash mob for freedom walks, to support this project.

Here’s a short story about operation purple squirrel that was recently published: NPO uses “Operation PurpleSquirrel” to bring attention to Human Trafficking with SocialMedia & PR”

If you would like to know more or join this movement please read and follow the blog:

Follow the squirrel on Twitter: @OpPrpleSquirrel

And on facebook:

Join Us.

September 21, 2010

Raising Awareness

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To me “BelieveInFreedom” means “Freedom” and having the freedom to live and love who you want. It means being “Free” It also means believing in Justice, believing in the ‘Dream” of freedom that so many victims of Human Trafficking, VAW, DV, and other injustices face today. Believing gives you freedom. We were all born with that freedom.
I blog about many things, most of my blogging is focused on Human Rights issues and VAW but i do have a special focus on Human Trafficking and that is what this blog will be more focused on because to me, there’s nothing worse than slavery, nothing worse than to live without freedom, without hope, without dreams, without LIFE. Human Trafficking is the darkest of all Human Rights injustices around the world and yet… many still choose to close their eyes and ignore the reality that is all around them. All to live and sleep without having to think that somewhere out there many are still in the shadows, in pain, in chains. They choose to pretend that 27 MILLION slaves only live in the pages of a book and not in the real world we all share. This is why many raise awareness, to open our minds, to open our eyes and do something to stop this sickness.

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